A Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) is an in-depth analysis used to determine the current market value of your home.

We select properties that were sold within the past six months including currently active and under agreement properties with similar sizes and features to your home and within your surrounding neighborhood.

We utilize our knowledge and professional experience of the current local real estate market, overall economy, and the current mortgage interest rate to arrive at the highest possible market value of your home.

A FREE comprehensive CMA report will consist of the following;

þ Information, brief description, location, and photos of your property

Detailed information of your property will help us choose the right comparable

properties to use for market analysis.


þ Roadmap to a successful sale

Illustrates all the different steps necessary for a successful sale.


þ Marketing Analysis, Advertising, and Strategy

This is the most important aspect of the CMA report, which outlined and explained

the strategies to optimize your property’s presence on

the internet and other marketing media.


þ List of Comparable Properties

This page will show all the similar properties with detailed information and photos

that will be used to determine the market value of your property.


þ Pricing Analysis

Pricing analysis is the most critical aspect in determining the current market value

of your property. It will explain in detail on how to determine the market value of your

property at a current market condition.


þ Tips on how to stage your home for effective marketing

Suggest recommendations on different strategies to stage your home to cast a light

on the features most important to buyers.


þ Real Estate Agent’s profile page

This profile page will describe the real estate agent’s experience, knowledge, and skills.

It will also include agent’s years of experience in real estate and their

expertise in your current area.


þ Seller’s Net Profit

The seller’s net profit page is a list of all the associated expenses in the sale of a home.

It is a calculation of the current market value of the property less all expenses equal

net profit. Market Value – Expenses = Net Profit.